IAM’s VIP Wellness Club

IAM Center of Healing LLC 

VIP Wellness Club

$70 Per Month 

For a Swedish, Therapeutic Massage, or Reiki Session

IAM Center of Healing LLC is proud to offer this special club for our loyal clients. Our VIP club includes one 60 minute session from our specialty selected menu, a variety of enhancements at a discounted rate, and 10% off in store gift card purchases.

Why be a part of our VIP club?

Other than the amazing prices that you’ll be receiving towards treatments, it is important for you to take care of yourself. Massage Therapy is one of the most beneficial forms of self care. It allows the body to rehabilitate itself, restore harmony throughout the system, and physically make us feel better. Reiki is another wonderful form of treatment for those who are looking for a diversity of healing for pain relief, relaxation, and energetic harmony. 

As a member you will receive the following enhancements at a special price

Add Aromatherapy- $5 (Non-Member $10)

Add Hot Stones $10 (Non Member $20) 

Add CBD $15 (Non Members $25) 

If you wish to extend your service time you may do so at an additional charge.

To make it even better every session that you come in as an addition to your regular monthly massage pay $70. That could save you up to $30 every month totaling $360 a year! Any unused sessions get rolled over to the next month. 

VIP members also receive priority booking and may transfer one of their sessions once every 6 months 

How to become a member?

 Contact IAM to register with our VIP club and then during your next visit we will put together a custom package towards your therapeutic needs. We also offer Series (Massage-A-Month), and other promotional packages for sessions if you would prefer to pay for the full package up front.  

How it works:

Simply ask an IAM team member about signing up for our VIP Club, We believe in a peaceful process and that you should choose to join at any time—No pressure ever! Massage Therapy and Reiki should be a relaxing experience and there should never feel like there is stress in investing in your health, The VIP club is an exclusive benefit to those who wish to become a part of the group. You will be charged $70 a month plus tax to your credit card monthly. Then we credit your account with a 1 Hour Session every month for you to utilize whenever you would like.